Confidentiality Agreement

Before we supply you with our Operation Manual and other information, we would appreciate you confirming that you understand that you are about to receive confidential information. In an effort to provide you with the kind of information that you will need to decide whether to proceed further with your application to become a Valenta Franchise Owner, we do disclose some of our valuable intellectual property. By signing below you are agreeing to the following terms:

You understand that our Operations Manual and other information that you may receive contains information that is confidential and that is provided to you as the person whose name appears in the Application Form that you have returned with this Agreement.

You understand that our Operations Manual and other information can be shared with your professional advisers and with anyone who will play a role in assisting you with your decision to proceed, or not to proceed.

You understand that you may not distribute our Operations Manual or any other information that you receive from us to anyone else.

You are not connected in any manner whatsoever with any business or service similar to Valenta, nor have you been requested to obtain our Valenta Operations Manual and any other information by any other company or individual.