COVID – 19 Updates

COVID – 19 Updates

Valenta BPO remains open and operational, supporting our clients during this unprecedented time. The safety and health of our staff, their families, communities and our clients are of paramount importance. To address the changing environment we have implemented a number of company-wide changes that will support our growing network.

1. How is Valenta responding to COVID-19?

Valenta has well-defined disaster recovery and business continuity plans at various levels. We have put in place several measures — including increased precautions at our facilities, travel advisories, remote working, and a dedicated helpdesk to ensure employee safety and business continuity.

2. What is Valenta’ business continuity plan?

Our disaster recovery and business continuity plans function at several levels. With global operations and Service Delivery Centers, Valenta has a very structured BCP which is also tested periodically to ensure the plan is sustainable. Valenta’s BCP can be shared upon request.

3. Will client services be impacted due to COVID-19?

Valenta is taking multiple steps to ensure that there is no client disruption during this period. All Valenta staff have been given work from home options as India is in a complete lockdown. Even as we deal with this crisis, we deliver on our key client deliverables, while following local government advisories and directives, and ensuring the safety of our employees and communities.

4. How is Valenta ensuring that critical services are not impacted?

Valenta remains committed to meeting client deliverable mandates and ensuring that our critical client services are not impacted. We are working every day to ensure that there is no disruption to any of our clients’ critical operations and communicating regularly with clients in case we foresee any unavoidable disruptions.

5. How is Valenta keeping its employees safe?

Prioritizing the safety of our employees, Valenta has advised all of our employees to work from home wherever possible, and we are taking all steps to ensure continued service delivery to our clients. We are also following local government directives about our workplaces in all the countries we operate in. Where work from home is not possible, we are taking extensive measures to ensure the safety of our employees. These include increased sanitization of all office premises, removal of biometric scanners, restricted movements in common areas, closure of recreational facilities and avoiding large gatherings. We have also set up a dedicated helpline for our employees.

6. Has Valenta issued any travel advisories for employees and other stakeholders?

Valenta continues to follow the travel advisories of governments globally. We have restricted all non-essential travel, domestic as well as international, to reduce the risk. We have also sent travel advisories to all employees to ensure their travel is as per the guidelines of the local government. All employees who have travelled to any international destinations or have come in contact with anyone who has, have been asked to self-declare it to the company and follow the necessary quarantine protocols mandated by the local government authorities.

7. Are all Valenta offices across the world working as normal?

Valenta offices across the world are following the local government directives and based on the advisories determining if offices can be operational. Wherever possible we are also encouraging our employees to work from home to maintain social distancing.

8. Has Valenta enabled work from home for all employees?

Prioritizing the safety of our employees, Valenta has advised all employees to work from home wherever possible, and we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure continued service delivery to our clients. We are also following local government directives about our workplaces in all the countries we operate in.

9. What about employees who cannot work from home?

Our clients across the world have entrusted us with running some critical services for them. While we are working with our clients to enable work from home for our employees to the extent possible, in cases where employees have to come to our workplaces in order for these critical services to run uninterrupted, we have ensured multiple, round-the-clock initiatives to ensure our workplaces are safe, hygienic and follow social distancing best-practices.

10. What are the measures Valenta is taking to sanitize its workplaces?

Valenta has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and has taken several measures when it comes to sanitization at its offices. This includes increased and regular sanitization, frequent fumigation, placement of sanitizers and masks, as well as availability of medical centers and staff.

11. How will Valenta respond if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

Valenta will take all steps required to mitigate the further spread of the virus, keeping in mind our commitment to our employees and clients.

Should a Valenta employee test positive for COVID-19, our first action would be to inform the local government and health authorities however we will not contact media or make any information available on our social media profiles and will leave that decision to the respective health and government officials.

We will provide the affected employee/s and their families with our full support. We will also provide full support to both health and government officials and assist with contact tracing and ask everyone that has met the affected employee to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.

We will also ensure that the service delivery centre is vacated for sanitization thoroughly across all common areas – Rest Rooms, Break-out Zones, Pantry Areas, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms etc.

12. Have any Valenta employees been tested positive COVID-19?

As of now, there have been no positive cases however should this change, we will inform the local government authorities.

13. How is Valenta ensuring business continuity with lockdowns imposed across India?

Valenta has implemented it’s BCP successfully across all its service delivery centers in India. Except for Valenta’s IT team, all other employees have been advised to work from home until the situation restores. IT support is the backbone of our business and hence our IT team has been advised to work out of the office to ensure smooth functioning of the operations and to avoid any disruptions to our clients. We are working with the local authorities for safe transportation and accommodation arrangements of these key personnel. We are following local government directives about our workplaces in all the countries we operate in.

14. Whom can I contact to receive regular updates on COVID-19 from Valenta?

You can get in touch with our global compliance team on for updates.

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