Outsourced Bookkeeping Services - Valenta BPO Australia

Bookkeeping for Accountants

Accountants often invest more time on compliance related activities, leaving them little to focus on advisory. Valenta’s outsourced bookkeepers support individual accountants/ firms in these tasks, enabling them to work on more productive matters.

Bookkeeping for businesses

Our bookkeeping professionals can help businesses effectively manage their day-to-day accounting tasks such as reconciliations, invoicing, processing payments, payroll etc. Our offering includes credit and receivables management services to businesses across sectors.

Captive Offshoring - Valenta BPO Australia

Build your team

We operate our BPO and have the know how to assist business setup their Captive center. In a nutshell a Captive Centre is suitable for business who are looking at employing 200+ staff while other businesses would benefit by using a BPO.

Outsourced Loan Processing - Valenta BPO Australia

SMSF Admin

SMSF Administration and compliance is a time taking process. Our team of SMSF experts manage the entire administration and compliance with the use of technology.

Financial Planning Admin - Valenta BPO Australia

Financial Planning Assistant

We understand the day to day operations of a Financial Planning business. Our Financial Planning Admin staff are trained to assist with all Pre SoA tasks, Post SoA implementation tasks.

Outsourced Paraplanning Services - Valenta BPO Australia


We understand the day to day operations of a Financial Planning business. We understand the need for quality and compliance with SoA’s along with quick turn around times.

Loan processing services - Valenta BPO Australia

Loan Processing

We understand the day to day life of a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers value lies with structuring the deal and getting the client the best deal possible.

Legal Process Outsourcing - Valenta BPO Australia

Legal Process

Lawyers are busy professionals and they are usually supported by a team of paralegals. We have experienced lawyers who oversee our paralegal team.

Financial Crime Consultants - Valenta BPO Australia

Financial Crime

We understand the risks that financial institutions and large corporations face when it comes to managing compliance risks associated with Financial Crime.

Digital marketing services - Valenta BPO Australia

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium

Process consulting - Valenta BPO Australia

Process Consulting

Valenta technology consulting provides end-to-end services, from strategy to implementation, to help you accelerate change and deliver business outcomes through the power of digital technology.

Outsourced Software Development - Valenta BPO Australia

Software Development

We offer the flexibility to scale up and down. By taking advantage of our ready infrastructure, you can take your product to market in a shorter period of time.

Outsourced Tax Preparation - Valenta BPO Australia


Tax planning and compliance is a key function of every CPA firm. Our team add value to CPA firms by collecting documents, reviewing documents and preparing tax returns ready of lodgement.

Zoho integration services - Valenta BPO Australia

Zoho Consulting

Our Zoho consulting team have experience in various sectors and we leverage our expertise to implement customized Zoho CRM solutions to streamline efforts across all departments

Salesforce Consulting

In their quest to stay ahead of the competition businesses embrace the latest in IT infrastructure, and cloud based solutions are high on the list. Organisations are shifting most of their functioning across departments to the cloud, a move aimed at saving costs and physical space, while enhancing efficiency.

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Business Essentials

Tailored to suit a range of business needs, our packages enable businesses to engage resources as per their requirements thereby reducing costs and overheads.

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