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Legal Process


Lawyers/ law firms are often over burdened with work, most of which is day to day and routine, giving them little time to focus on their core competence. We offer such operations legal outsourcing services, by which they can use our teams of trained paralegals, to improve their productivity, optimise their resources and control their expenses. Outsourcing can help these businesses concentrate on things that are more productive and profitable, while eliminating the cost of hiring, recruiting, and retaining full time legal support resources. We offer a team of highly experienced professionals to address specific project needs.

Our virtual paralegal services model has the required resources and processes, to ensure a quick and seamless alignment with client practices. Client preferences are recorded to ensure, they can be ongoing beyond the life of one project. The knowledge gathered over time can be leveraged to meet the client’s critical needs, ensuring quick and accurate deliveries.

Why Valenta’s paralegal services

Usually lawyers/ firms recruit part-time or contract-based paralegals through placement firms, who tend to move from assignment to assignment. This means a good amount of time has to be invested, when the business plans on bringing in new recruits, who need to be brought up to speed on specific processes, practices, and work culture. With our virtual paralegal services, information related to clients and their practices are captured, which means training new resources is quicker and faster.

Huge pool of resources

When you engage with Valenta paralegal services, you aren’t just one resource but a team consisting of professionals with rich experience, across a range of practice areas. This means you don’t need to recruit additional resources when your projects demand them. We have paralegals with over 10 years of experience, something you would not easily source, when trying to recruit from a staffing services provider. Our services include legal process outsourcing projects with activities such as conveyancing and debt collection. Besides, our lawyers are also capable of contributing in time consuming, but critical tasks such as case law research, business research, and drafting documents.

Legal Process Functions

  • Alerter administration
  • Case law research
  • Litigation support
  • Conveyancing
  • Other legal task as required
  • Business research
  • Document and control review
  • Document drafting
  • Digital document typing

Why Valenta Legal Process

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ISO certification

Considering that we are present across geographies, we take confidentiality of client information very seriously and are ISO 27001 certified for Information Security. We have in place, various checks and balances at different levels, as part of our data security processes.

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Current knowledge

Our legal process professionals have a deep understanding of Australia’s legal framework and keep themselves updated on the latest changes in the system.

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Experienced leadership

Experienced in-house lawyers with vast experience in Commonwealth legal systems manage and guide our trained paralegals, ensuring clients benefit from proven expertise.

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Customised solutions

We offer flexibility in staffing and have the ability to ramp up/ withdraw resources based on client requirements.

How does Legal Process work

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Valenta Legal Process Solutions

Full Time Dedicated Paralegal

40 hours per week

$ 2,500 /per month

Part Time Dedicated Paralegal

20 hours per week

$ 1,250 /per month

Custom Legal Process Solutions

Hourly Packages Available

Software Expertise

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