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Loan Processing

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Loan Processing


A mortgage broker’s skill and value addition are in getting his client the best deal possible, and then effectively structuring it. Our experienced team of loan processors offer quality support, helping mortgage brokers improve efficiency and get more competitive. We also offer outsourced loan processing services and have a dedicated team of loan processors, with experience in taking a deal through to settlement and post-settlement activities.

Mortgage broking too is a complex process requiring regular coordination with the borrower client, solicitor, real estate agent, and the lender. This involves constant client follow up, collection of documents, and keeping all parties updated on the transaction, a time-consuming task. We offer experienced administration professionals completely in sync with procedures, ensuring this task is efficiently managed thereby freeing valuable time.

This apart, we also have in place a dedicated online portal that makes it easy for brokers to collect documents from clients. We have implemented this even though it is not essential to our service, as it helps in the consolidation of documents in one place and improves efficiency.

Loan Processing Functions

  • Fact checks
  • Preparation of serviceability calculators
  • Preparing discharge forms and processing
  • Preparation of compliance documents
  • Preparation of lender's application online or on lender's software
  • Follow up with lenders until settlement
  • Updation of details post settlement
  • Data entry into CRM
  • Ordering valuations
  • Preparing FHOG forms
  • Advise on deal structure
  • Lodgement of the application and supporting documents
  • Provide updates to key stakeholders

Valenta Loan Processing Portal

Benefits of our online portal

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No charge for storing the documents for as long as you need them, subject to fair use.
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Full audit trail and secure storage to show the exact documents and exchanges of information should you ever be audited or questioned.
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Makes it quick and easy for your customers to provide the information you need, so you can get on with processing the transaction. Happy customer = Good Business.
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Improve productivity by 30-50% (streamline your workflows, no more chasing documents, reminding clients, gathering emails, scanning documents, redacting TFN’s, grouping documents etc).
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Emails and attachments are not secure. Our portal encrypts the documents and stores them in industrial strength cloud servers.

Why Valenta Loan Processing

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End-to-end solutions

From data entry to settlement to post settlement, Valenta offers comprehensive services that are swift and efficient

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Experienced team

Our experienced professionals and domain experts are periodically trained and constantly update their knowledge on latest laws and guidelines. This assures the client of compliance on various aspects related to loan processing

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Extension of your team

Our dedicated resource(s)are trained on the client’s practices and processes, and can function as an extension of the client’s team

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Quickest response time

Our vast expertise translates to a quick response time, something we are recognised for, in the industry

How does Loan Processing work

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Valenta Loan Processing Solutions - Dedicated Staffing model

Full Time Loan Processor

40 hours per week

$ 2,000 /per month

2 weeks Free Trial

Part Time Loan Processor

20 hours per week

$ 1,000 /per month

2 weeks Free Trial

Custom Loan Processing Solutions

Hourly Packages Available

Software Expertise

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