Jayesh Kasim

Managing Director

Phone : +61 1300 193 178 | +1 718 535 8876

Email : jayesh.kasim@valentabpo.com

Initially starting his career as an Engineer based in Queensland, Jayesh soon decided to follow his true passion into the Financial Services industry. His strong belief that quality and holistic finance advice should be accessible to every Australian and small business led him to build and grow several national award-winning financial services businesses throughout Queensland. During this time, he identified the need and benefit of refining systems and processes and also outsourcing.

In his role with Valenta, he meets with business owners and management teams of corporations on a regular basis across Australia and the United States to offer them innovative solutions with a view of increasing their business efficiencies. He also works with the Operations Team in India and Malaysia to ensure clients receive the highest level of customer service.

Jayesh Kasim talks about how Valenta BPO engages with businesses around process consulting, digital transformation and successful outsourcing.

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