Jeremy Kim

Managing Partner - New York

An attorney working with mid-sized and multinational corporations for over 16 years, Jeremy’s extensive background and experience in understanding and mitigating risk for national banks and consumer financial institutions from across the country has provided him the opportunity to be a leader in his industry, as well as  an effective mentor to others in his organization. His background and understanding of government regulations and lending requirements in the areas of TILA, FCRA, FDCPA, RESPA, UDAAP, TCPA, and SCRA has helped him minimize risk and obtain optimal results.

He has had a tremendous amount of success in defending national banks and consumer finance companies in litigation related to compliance and regulatory issues.

At Valenta, Jeremy leverages his unique skills and expertise to help businesses achieve their ambitious growth projects. As a Managing Partner of Valenta in New York, he helps businesses across verticals cut costs and boost efficiencies by outsourcing their non-critical tasks. He partners closely with businesses to understand the intricacies of their business processes and provides innovative solutions that increase productivity across the board.

Jeremy Kim talks about how Valenta’s customized solutions enable business growth and workforce efficiency. 

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