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Process Consultation


Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, organizations constantly explore ways to improve their productivity, efficiency and performance, while trying to reduce costs. With businesses having complex operations and workflows, process management is a key factor to achieving these goals.

Valenta has professionals with experience across domains in providing consulting services in process management. The team works closely with the client and takes a methodical approach to achieve the company’s business/ performance objectives. This includes thoroughly analysing the operations and practices, identification of areas that need improvement, elimination of redundant processes, and defining of newer strategies and processes for implementation. These processes are documented in detail by our business process management consultants to ensure, stakeholders have clear guidelines to perform each task.

If any of the following incredible value applicable for your business

  • Do you use multiple software across your business?
  • Do you have clients across multiple CRMs?
  • Do you find it time consuming to data mine and identify opportunities and compliance issues?
  • Do you struggle tracking your business pipeline?
  • Do you use multiple system to track the revenue earned per client and profitability?
  • Do you struggle overseeing your team’s task and resource utilisation?
  • Do you want your client to have a client portal that shows them the value of your services?
  • Do you want to be a leading business using cutting edge technology?
  • Do you want an integrated system that has the functions of a CRM, social media management, password protection, invoicing, online signatures, online meetings and much more?

Why Valenta process consulting services

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Technology focused

We have the expertise to implement innovative solutions incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and platforms

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Deep insights

Experience to innately understand processes from various stakeholder perspectives – employees, management and end clients

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Post-implementation Audit

Our process consultation services extend past implementation. We conduct follow-up audits to gauge the effectiveness of the solution implemented and make necessary course corrections if needed.

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Customised solutions

We work will large corporate to small businesses. We can customise an outsourcing or captive solution to meet your requirements.

The working of process consulting

Scope document – The scope document defines the objective, and what is to be achieved with the implementation. This is the blueprint for our approach.

Proposal -We will create a first-level proposal listing out your timelines, requirements and cost.

Discovery Session – Once the proposal is cleared in principle, we will initiate a detailed brainstorming session to learn of the current processes, business objectives as in the scope document, and review existing processes with important stakeholders.

Project sign off – Post the elaboration session, the final proposal is fine-tuned for sign off.

Training – The success of any project depends on the training provided to key stakeholders. We will design and develop a comprehensive training plan, to ensure stakeholders can experience a smooth transition.

Implementation – Our expert training teams are equipped to implement the project as planned and evaluate their effective functioning prior to taking it live.

On-going support – As defined in our agreement and based on your requirements, we offer ongoing maintenance support to ensure an efficient operation.

Benefit realisation – We work with all key stakeholders involved, to assess the benefits derived post project implementation as/ if defined prior to the design.

Annual Review – We conduct a review annually and carry out a gap analysis, considering that business requirements change from time to time. Our team then makes recommendations for course corrections if required, to optimise performance.

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