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SMSF Admin


SMSF Administration and compliance is an intricate, time consuming process. Our team includes experts with a proven track record in delivering financial services worldwide including Self Managed Super Fund Accounting and Taxation services to Chartered Accountants (CAs) & SMSF specialist accountants in Australia. We can support your in-house accountant (who perhaps would have less-than required expertise in SMSF protocols) to process SMSFs. Our accountants have rich experience on major SMSF compliance software platforms including BGL, ClassSuper and SuperMate and meet APRA reporting standards.

We have in place a strong review process that works to consistently deliver quality services. Our in-house training programs and large pool of resources enable us to ramp up our services in minimum time.

Valenta’s SMSF Administration Services

  • SMSF tax and compliance
  • Posting and processing of super fund transactions
  • Roll-over of existing fund balances into newly setup fund books
  • Processing admission and retirement of members and respective roll-over components
  • Maintenance of pension records and preparing of pension schedules
  • Preparing annual super fund financial statements - operating statement, financial position, and notes to financial statements
  • Generating relevant super fund reports such as investment summary report, investment income report, investment movement report etc.
  • Preparing benefit statements with taxable and non-taxable member components
  • Facilitating actuarial certificate for funds wherever required
  • Preparing SMSF annual tax returns based on details of members and annual financial statements
  • Managing communication and correspondence with Australian Tax Office
  • SMSF Audit Support Services such as SIS audit compliance, paper preparation and checking for compliance

Why Valenta SMSF Admin

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Comprehensive solutions

Our range of SMSF Administration solutions include SMSF accounting, SMSF taxation, SMSF admin services, and SMSF audit services

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Tailored solutions

Clients can choose from the bouquet of services we provide and opt for one that works best for them.

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Extension of your team

Our SMSF accountants are trained on our client’s practices and processes and could function as an extension of the client’s team

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Software expertise

Our SMSF accountants are proficient in all leading software applications and can adapt to the client’s business processes in the shortest possible time

How does SMSF Admin work

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Valenta SMSF Admin Solutions

Full Time Dedicated Accountant

40 hours per week

$ 2,200 /per month

Part Time Dedicated Accountant

20 hours per week

$ 1,100 /per month

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