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Financial Crime

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Financial Crime


We understand the risks that financial institutions and large corporations face when it comes to managing compliance risks associated with financial crime. Valenta BPO has vast expertise in this field and we are able to identify risks and propose and implement solutions.

We have proven experience in defining and managing AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) operations for financial institutions world-wide, including clients in the Fortune 500. We have supported these enterprises in enhancing their operational efficiencies, processes and compliance.

Valenta BPO offers Austrac authorised professionals with over 20 years of experience. Financial crime consultants, financial crime specialists, technology experts and legal professionals work in synergy, to ensure your organisation stays up to date with the latest technologies and legislative requirements.

Companies offering financial services are increasingly depending on digital and emerging technologies, towards offering efficient services to customers. While this is an inevitable shift, it also takes the possibilities of online financial crime to a new level. Crime in the financial space is no longer among the possibilities that could occur theoretically, but one that concerns all of us, here and now.

For financial institutions, the key areas of focus are initiatives such as KYC (know your customer), and AML (anti-money laundering). Organisations face newer, tech savvy competitors, reducing profit margins, and challenges in acquiring ‘genuine customers’. This urges them to put the required infrastructure and systems for financial crime compliance in place. The result is a restructuring of their AML and KYC programs, with stringent rules for non-compliance.

Our solutions include:

  • Client lifecycle management (CLM) – We help financial institutions structure their client lifecycle operations, that translates to enhanced client satisfaction, and reduced risk of operations.
  • Standardisation and transformation of processes – We design and develop process standardisation, process transitions, and enterprise-level transformations. We further analyse global data streams and workflows, evaluate current processes, set up standards, design blue prints, and deploy technology solutions enhancing operations and ultimately reducing costs.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) services – Our KYC services encompass exhaustive due diligence processes, enabling financial organisations to centrally manage client
    on-boarding and access to due diligence data, to meet regulatory requirements.
  • AML Center of Excellence (CoE) – We have the expertise to design, build, and operate CoEs and also help organisations optimise their existing AML CoEs, and global AML operations.
  • Alert remediation services – We conduct PEP (Politically Exposed Person) screening, and sanction screening, to analyse transactions across countries of operations and sanctioned establishments. We deploy proven screening methodologies and review alerts to locate and block false positives.
  • Technology services – Valenta BPO has established long term associations with leading players, to implement platforms for integrated AML lifecycle management. We conduct data gap analysis and identify sources to procure missing data, define extracts, transform and load (ETL) architecture. We offer SLAs (Service Level Agreements) driven support for ETL services.
  • Fraud management – We help financial institutions monitor and prevent fraud. We have proven expertise in predictive modeling, strategic analysis, neural network technology and a deep understanding of fraud behavior, which we leverage to offer clients effective fraud management services.

Financial Crime Functions

  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • Sanctions
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Modern Day Slavery

Why Valenta Financial Crime

Financial crime is an intricate, multi-layered universe – an unclear, fragmented ecosystem that often includes activities that emerge from hostile regions, complex online environments, cutting-edge technologies and appliances. We have an in-depth understanding of the methods involved in such activities, the technologies/ platforms used, and the best possible ways to prevent such crimes. We work closely with experienced domain experts to offer our customers, the latest in technologies and compliance.

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ISO certification

We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.

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No lock-in contract

Our contracts are simple with no lock in terms.

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Customised solutions

We work with both large corporations and small businesses. We can customise an outsourcing or captive solution to meet your requirements.

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Dedicated team members

We will allocate a dedicated team member and reporting manager to your business. Our reporting managers will oversee quality and service delivery.

How does Financial Crime work

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Valenta Financial Crime Solutions

Full Time Dedicated Financial Crime Analyst

40 hours per week

$2,500/per month

Part Time Dedicated Financial Crime Analyst

20 hours per week

$1,250/per month

Software Expertise

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